Progress Report – 31/12/2022

I’ve been hard at work on TheRogue’s remake, and have made some significant progress with some big help from the folks over at Roguelike Tutorials.

I once used a write-up from RogueBasin as a base for TheRogue’s first iteration back when i was in college, but this new write-up is much easier to understand and in my experience, a lot more performant and modern, as it uses Python 3.

Looks similar, doesn’t it?

So fair, i am working to replicate and improve the best bits of TheRogue, e.g. the simplicity and easy to understand mechanics and the bits i think should stay, like the spell scrolls and wands.

Everything else i tossed in the digital equivalent of a wastebasket, like stamina (what was i thinking) and how resistances worked (or didn’t, as i think was more correct.)

An addition i think should’ve been in the game to begin with.

A common complaint i got with TheRogue was that it was hard to tell just what had gone on after the fact. I never got a larger message window to work properly in the old version, probably due to my choice of Python version, but thankfully i now have something i can expand on to meet my needs.

TheRogue Remake

I’ve started working on a remake for a previous long-time project called TheRogue, you might’ve seen it listed on my projects page.

The old version is pretty buggy and lackluster, but i hope in future it will come to outshine the previous iteration.

TheRogue as it exists now. Pretty bog-standard as Roguelikes go i think.

I should also take the chance to fix some things, specifically how i managed armor and damage values. Come to think of it, I’m not entirely sure why i limited the amount of attacks the player can carry out before “recharging” as well.

The remake is a long time out yet, but I’ll share a little of what I’ve done so far in a future post.