About Me

My name is Heartfire, though you might know me by other names.

I first used the name when publishing my first Rogue-like and more frequently when i started speaking to people en-masse on social media and platforms like Steam and Discord, from there the name sort of stuck.

Primarily, I’m a Python developer and have created numerous scripts and projects using the language for nearly ten years now. Not all have been released, nor will they be, but i consider myself at least somewhat competent by now.

I have some experience with web technologies such as Flask, CSS, and PHP, as well as database tools like SQL, but I’m not as experienced with them as i am with Python, though i would certainly like to be in the future!

I’m open to connecting with people who’ve used similar languages or technologies as me, so feel free to contact me.

Contact Details

  • Email: heartfire@heartfire.me
  • Twitter: @NotHeartfire
  • OpenPGP: Keyserver