First look at Underhand

I know i said i wouldn’t post anything to do with Underhand until it was ready to be seen, but i felt like a few screenshots couldn’t hurt.

You’ll probably notice that it looks similar to early builds of TheRogue, and you’re not wrong. i wanted to start with a blank slate and that looks more like TheRogue than i had intended.

I’m open to colour pallet changes though, feel free to suggest.

It seems the player has found an enemy moments after spawning, how unfortunate!

Oh dear, the player has ran into more enemies after already fighting a couple, you can see that their HP is already almost half gone, running wont help though!

Here’s a small look at the expanded message window present in Underhand, there’s already a little past action in this one.

Underhand Pre-Alpha

I mentioned a project called Underhand on TheRogue’s project page some time ago now, and it hasn’t occurred to me that i should probably go into further detail on that.

Underhand was meant to be a total re-write of TheRogue in a newer version of Python and Libtcod, and it currently exists in a pre-pre-alpha state, a little more than a skeleton, at the moment.

When it’s a little more… playable, I’ll start releasing pre-alpha builds over the course of however long it remains like that, so that people can test it.

But for now, i don’t have very much to say on the subject regarding when it’ll come out, how, or what platforms it’ll be available for, other than that it is intended to be a MASSIVE improvement on TheRogue.

I hope it shapes up to be that and more, as i would like to make developing Underhand a full-time thing.

More details to come in the new year, maybe earlier, depends on how the reset of December pans out.

Until that time comes, I’ll leave you with a mild sense of anticipation, or interest, or amusement, whatever that feeling might be.

What happened?

I shut the site down for a while due to financial issues, but i (rather stupidly) didn’t take exports of the posts and pages that were present at the time.

I’d like to take a laid back approach, since I’m not really cut out for the whole daily blogging what I’m doing thing a lot of people do nowadays, so expect short but thoughtful bites of information here and there.

That said, I’ll be restoring content as i find/remake it, along with the project pages and contact information pages.

After that, i can’t say for sure what will get posted and when, but i can say that it’ll occur when the fancy takes me.