Underhand Pre-Alpha

I mentioned a project called Underhand on TheRogue’s project page some time ago now, and it hasn’t occurred to me that i should probably go into further detail on that.

Underhand was meant to be a total re-write of TheRogue in a newer version of Python and Libtcod, and it currently exists in a pre-pre-alpha state, a little more than a skeleton, at the moment.

When it’s a little more… playable, I’ll start releasing pre-alpha builds over the course of however long it remains like that, so that people can test it.

But for now, i don’t have very much to say on the subject regarding when it’ll come out, how, or what platforms it’ll be available for, other than that it is intended to be a MASSIVE improvement on TheRogue.

I hope it shapes up to be that and more, as i would like to make developing Underhand a full-time thing.

More details to come in the new year, maybe earlier, depends on how the reset of December pans out.

Until that time comes, I’ll leave you with a mild sense of anticipation, or interest, or amusement, whatever that feeling might be.

What happened?

I shut the site down for a while due to financial issues, but i (rather stupidly) didn’t take exports of the posts and pages that were present at the time.

I’d like to take a laid back approach, since I’m not really cut out for the whole daily blogging what I’m doing thing a lot of people do nowadays, so expect short but thoughtful bites of information here and there.

That said, I’ll be restoring content as i find/remake it, along with the project pages and contact information pages.

After that, i can’t say for sure what will get posted and when, but i can say that it’ll occur when the fancy takes me.